Top Sight Seeing Destinations in New Zealand


New Zealand is specially gifted when it comes to natural beauty and attractions. There are plenty of destinations to add to your list if you want to go sightseeing. Before you book sight seeing tours New Zealand has to offer, you need to make a note of the top destinations that offer the best and most scenic views. That way, you will have an idea on what destinations to look out for when comparing tour itineraries.
Sight seeing tours New Zealand
Milford Sound

Milford Sound is a unique specimen. In a country like New Zealand gifted with so much natural beauty, you can only imagine what awaits you as this makes it on top of the list. Sight seeing tours in New Zealand will never be without a trip to Milford Sound. It is a fjord located in South Island that offers a spectacular fusion of natural and visual cues ranging from dramatic landscapes, waterfalls, glaciers and a serene lake.

Bay of Islands

Another must when checking out New Zealand sight seeing tours is Bay of Islands. This is an enclave that consists of 140 subtropical islands located next to North Island. This is a great destination for those looking to explore untouched beaches or discover artifacts from the Maori culture that once lived in these islands. However, touring the islands via hot air balloon offers a spectacular treat – the sight of the many islands are truly breathtaking from above!

Lake Wanaka

This is another notable destination included in many sight seeing tours New Zealand has today. It is famous with international tourists due to the wide array of recreational activities within the lake. It is also a famous spot for parachuting, skiing, climbing and other water sports activities.

Tongariro National Park

This volcanic park is included in sight seeing tours New Zealand has to offer for its natural beauty and for the cultural value for the park. There are several important Maori sites within the volcanic park. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the oldest national park in the country.

Fox Glacier

If you are looking for an adventure tour, then Fox Glacier won’t disappoint. You will be fascinated by the glacial formations and snow-capped peaks on the site. It is also the longest glacier in the West Coast, which makes it an ideal destination for tourists who are into heli-hikes, ice climbing, and glacier tours. More information brand name: Ballooning Canterbury

Franz Josef Glacier

This is another great destination for the ultimate glacier adventure in New Zealand. As with Fox Glacier, there are heli tours available to the site. You can also explore the idea of touring it via hot air balloon if you want a new perspective at enjoying the spectacular views of the glacial formations and mountains. It is a rare opportunity you cannot afford to miss!
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