How To Make The Most Of Algarve With The Segway Tours

There are a lot of ways to have fun in the Algarve, and one exciting way is to take a tour through the various zones of the sea surfer’s paradise using a Segway. New to the concept? Well, Segway is a noiseless fun vehicle, operated on two wheels and one stand to support and position the body. You simply stand on it, and the sensors will capture your gestures to generate movements in the vehicle through wheels. How exciting it can be to explore the Algarve on a Segway, known to only the adventurers who did this. The Segway Algrave tours are gradually getting famous because of the different levels of excitement and adventurous fun.

Segway Algrave

What makes the Segway tours so different

When you get independent, you feel better, and everyone does feel so. The vehicle makes you independent, and you can turn and twist, move forth and come back, and take any direction without walking. You just smoothly glide through the beautiful beaches of the Algarve, or sometimes through the nature’s alleys through the Algarve forests while you watch the birds and nature. Such brilliantly designed are the Algrave Segway tours by the many agencies and tour operators in the Algarve that you will feel a lot by yourself, even when you are with the guide.

The various Algarve tours designed to be explored on a Segway

There are various Segway Algrave tours designed for the tourists, and some of the most exciting ones are:

·        The Ria Formosa natural park tour on a Segway – This is a bird watch tour which nature and bird lovers won’t want to miss. You can see the natural fauna of Algarve on this tour. The approximately 90-minute tour costs 40 Euros per person.

·        The Quarteira and Vilamoura beaches and beachside tours – Touring through the beach walk made to surf the beaches of this zone, the Quarteira walkway and the Vilamoura marina offer spectacular views. The sandy beaches can be enjoyed even more as you tour through the beach walk, if you sit by some beach restaurant and eat the seafood delicacies of the local cuisine. This also demands a 90-minute tour through the beach walk.

·        Sunset watch in Faro – the Faro Island and the Ria Formosa offer some lovely landscapes and a great sunset view. On a low tide sea, the view stays forever in your memories.

·        Culture view tours in Faro – the Faro shows the exact Algarve culture, and the Segway Algrave tour through Faro markets and beaches gives a great view of the local people, shops, foods, etc.

Besides these popular tours, there are many more fixed and customized tours made available by the Segway tour specialists in the area. Just because of the beautiful landscapes, the sand on the beaches and the calm and nice weather, you feel special. The sun never hits you with a blazing heat neither does the sea wind gets too harsh. This makes a perfect climate for Segway Algrave tours.