A Perfect Vacation Lodge to Visit

If you are looking for a peaceful, luxurious exclusive restaurant, the Four Rivers floating lodge got you. It is a beautiful eco-friendly restaurant located in Cambodia. The restaurant is found in the beautiful forest environment with birds of different eye-catching colors, wild animals, fun activities, crystal clear water, peace and fresh air. The four rivers restaurant environment is a nice place to relax and release all the day-to-day stress and pressure of where you are from. For an environmentalist, this is a great place for you to visit and explore Mother Nature at its best. The buildings are made of environmentally-friendly materials. Another thing that is admirable about the 4 Rivers is the fact that they work with the community together so as to ensure success.

Wake Up in Paradise

Your morning can never be any better than this. There is nothing more beautiful than waking up to a view of Cambodian mountains, mist clearing from rivers and different colors and types of birds flying back to their nest. The rooms are also designed to give you peace and comfort with the soundproof walls, beautiful and comfortable furniture and facilities. They also have a balcony to view the sun from and rest in the afternoon.

Taste of Cambodia

The four rivers restaurant is the best place to give you that mouth-watering, deliciously prepared banquet of the Khmer people. You will get to taste the Cambodian food made by the best chef and his team. The chef also ensures that you are not left behind. He combines the meals with dishes from your culture making you feel at home. The food is accompanied by wine and spirits that are carefully selected and dessert. Once you are there, don’t forget to order for the 4rivers bbq or vegetarian creation.

What you can do all day.

At the four rivers restaurant, you just can’t afford to sit in the comfort of your room all day. There are fun things that are nature inspired for you to do in the jungle like trekking and viewing the forest and all its beautiful features. You can go for a tour in the Kayak River where you will be able to pass through the mangrove waterways. You can also test your fishing skills, swim in the river, watch the sunset and have a water-based massage at the Tatai Waterfalls. The 4 rivers offer a lifetime opportunity to share and spend time with nature and beautiful scenes.

Home for the Wild Animals

The best restaurant Four Rivers is surrounded by thousands of different animals and birds. It is the home of over 100 and 550 species of mammals and birds respectively. You will also get to see some of the species that were thought to be extinct. It also hosts some of the most vulnerable animals on earth. If you are lucky you will spot other animals that are seen once in a very long time too.


The 4 rivers restaurant is accessible by boat. They all have set times to pick and drop tourists. This helps reduce pollution because they will make fewer trips. Ensure that you keep time. For more information and booking, visit http://ecolodges.asia/9-resto.html and have a memorable trip. Visit here


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